Show us your Taupes 

The bedroom and kitchen are now painted! The colors look great; it’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do! I did make a bit of a rookie mistake 🙈 I mixed up the drawers and painted accordingly.  

   Easy fix, luckily!!! 

The kitchen colors are Juniper Ash and Mesa Taupe; the bedroom is Sustainable and Ottertail! 

  Small fixes have made huge differences for us. The closet to the left of the fridge was intended for having clothes – it had a rack for hangers at the top and opened to the right. Dave flipped the latching mechanism so that the cupboard is now our pantry! We will put in lightweight racks for our kitchen goods 🙃 so exciting.
 More details on the roof soon!!! We can’t wait to settle into our tiny home.


2 thoughts on “Show us your Taupes 

  1. Nice color palette! My sis (Connie) told me about your blog and it’s so inspiring! My husband and I are shopping for an rv now, with a view of remodeling it and then full timing in it. Love seeing the progress you guys are making! Keep those posts coming! ♡


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