Suffragette Sadness

Josh and I went and saw Tool last night! Excellent show. As we drove home, ‘Fame’ came on the radio and for the 56th time, I re-told the story of how much I love this song because of my runway modeling memories tied to it. While it’s probable that the radio played this song as homage to Bowie, we hadn’t heard the news yet. Whether it was irony or fate, I loved that I reminisced this memory – and wouldn’t let Josh change the station! David Bowie was the first album I bought on my iPhone. I think a night of watching ‘Labyrinth’ is in order :)In other news- We are sanding up a storm in the trailer. Here are some progress pics. We have already torn out the top bunk, cabinet, and have sanded the whole back room. Time to wash the walls down and putty 🙂  


Underneath the bottom bunk is our fresh water tank, a small trap door accessible outside, an outlet, a water pump ‘thing’ nailed haphazardly to the ground, and a lot of poorly utilized space. It’s all about the details for me….here is my drawing of the custom shelving I’d like to create.  

For comparison, here is the actual window:

While being mindful of trailer living, it’s important to note that we will predominately always be parked. So, we are creating a space that is easy to stow our items, but equally as easy to have them accessible. Hooks and small cubbies will help us stay organized. This room is our pantry, my clothing closet, trash and laundry area, produce, hanging clothes, and shoe area. Josh’s closet is in the ‘bedroom’. 

Currently shopping for a new shower! Happy to hear feedback on showers, tub frames, etc ordered from Dyers RV parts and accessories. 

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