Rusty Nails & Mystery Cranks

More trailer excitement! We began to uninstall the GORGEOUS shower curtain rack from the shower; I hope you hear my sarcasm. 11 nails to screw in a 3 foot flimsy bar? And more importantly, they are all rusted!

Dun dun dun! 

Upon further investigation, the leak was found! Luckily, it’s over the tub (which is probably why we never noticed it) – but it looks like we have a new BUBBLE DOME to install. I can’t say I’m too disappointed – I know it’ll be a lot of work and most likely disgusting to remove, but the faded yellowing plastic bubble dome isn’t exactly my favorite anyway. Time to research replacement parts!

See! Teeny tiny! And quite amazing considering the hellacious storms we have had the past few days. And finally, our mystery crank:

Located directly inside the front door, we are assuming it may have gone with an outdoor awning (no longer on trailer)- but were not really sure how to take this thing out! And for the record, we have twirled it many times while running around the trailer looking for some form of movement- to no avail. Light switches that go to nothing and mystery cranks- call us the Winchester house 😂

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