Dream Catching in the Storm

San Diego is under water! To avoid the tornado warnings and El Niño storms, I worked on a few pieces today:
And, because I am doing a kundalini cleanse this month of January, I thought I would focus my energy on one piece in relation to the hard work I’ve been putting into myself:

 I have been chanting at sunrise every morning of 2016 with a dear friend! She is a certified kundalini yogini and has continually enriched my yoga journey. 31 minutes of chanting, no alcohol, and mindful thinking to ring in our new year. It has been challenging and rewarding. And, inspiring! I have been crafting and creating pieces with what I already have; my resourcefulness has been incredibly helpful in preparation for our trailer life. Here are two more pieces to share:

Knowing the ‘old me’, I would relentlessly apologize for the lack of quality in my photos, embarrassed that my work has been wittled down to a bathroom shot. But you know what? My perfectionism has always been a road block- I would have never even had an etsy due to my intimidation of photographs, post offices, unknown territories. But, my work has been selling just fine 😊 if anyone has hesitation about whether or not to become a small business vendor, this is my plea for you to take the leap! Josh and I joined the etsy community with much trepidation, and we have no regrets with our decision to work alongside like-minded people 🌿

Edit: flutter fly and melted purity have sold 🐱🙏 

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