Reincarnated Warrior Princesses

About six months ago, my mom and I went thrifting in Santee, California. We paced through the aisles, looking for anything remotely metaphysical or bohemian in nature (or as my mother has deemed ‘hippy shit’)…in hopes of finding the perfect oddity for a dream catcher. All of my dream catchers, thus far, have started with a statement ‘oddity’ that I have crafted the rest of the piece around. I take bits and pieces of recycled goods, energies, and intimate details to make custom catchers for those who need them most. With that in mind, you could only imagine my face upon discovering this princess at Goodwill:

  Poor mama is missing an arm 😦 I bought her immediately. Like the detectives we are, my mother tracked down the maker.  

 This warrior is called the ‘sky spirit quest’ and she is one of 12 winged Native American women crafted in a collection by Ashton-Drake. I knew I needed to have all of them! They are collectors items and not exactly the cheapest…especially since they fall in the ‘Christmas ornament’ department. However, my mom found a ‘local’ woman in San Diego that had 9 for sale!!! She found her through Craigslist in a matter of minutes. She was located about 40 miles from our house, hence my hesitation with her ‘locality’….after a few phone calls, the winged wonder women were mine! Since then, I have thought about these winged ladies, plotting and scheming how I want to assemble them. I’ve had a complete catcher assembled for a few months now and figured now is a good time to start letting them fly! This piece is our latest, ‘Hummingbird Priestess’, who hangs just shy of 24 inches. Glass beads, real turquoise, pheasant, bamboo, alpaca and Turkish acrylic make this goddess very soft and Royal. She is wise, she is patient, and she is tolerant.  

 She is now listed on our etsy! 


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