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Another productive trailer day…I had the opportunity to bust out my new toy that Josh’s sister got me for Christmas:

 Wait for it…
 So handy, huh? Naturally, I paced around the trailer to look for something to unscrew. The next week will entail gutting, scraping, & patching as we prepare for THE SPRAYER. We are primering (totally a word) the inside white for a clean slate before we commit to a wall color.

Alas, I found something to unscrew:

 Gorrrrrgeous velour paneling and a cassette player to get the mood going. This bad boy has got to go; we want a new music setup.
 😂😂😂 I took off one panel. My work here is done! Although I think at this pace, we aren’t going to get very far….

And lastly, here’s my most recent thrifting find. Anyone have insight into this item’s purpose or origin? It looks like it belongs in a meditative space….I think it’ll make a fantastic replacement for the current dinette pillow!


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