Crunchy Tchotchkes

With a little push from my office mate and an internal desire that I have resisted for years, I have finally gathered my thoughts and am putting them to fruition with a blog. Those that have followed my long journey know that I have blogged for years, on and off to accommodate the tumultuous storm that I’ve called life. With three months under our belt, Josh and I have been able to create an artistic platform on Etsy where we have been more successful than we anticipated with our crafts and passions. I can’t think of a better way to showcase our talents than with a blog, so here we are. A spiritual, cyber altar with various tchotchkes scattered about. We hope that our lives bring as much inspiration to you as others have brought to us. With a desire for sustainable living that has manifested into nagging idea that we can’t shake, Josh and I bring to you our own, personal Corder Collective. Come join our tribe of like minded people.

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